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You are expecting a little boy in the coming months and you are still hesitating about the choice of her first name? Have you thought about an arabic name for boy? Arabic names sound exotic and warm! Discover in this article a big list of arabic names for boy in alphabetic order and the meaning of some of the most popular.




Moroccan names for boy starting with A


Amine Anis Adam Abdelkader Ahmed Ali Amer
Abad Abdennasser Amghar Abbas
Abdelmoula Amimar Abbou Allal
Abdelaalim Abdennour Amjad
Abdelaati Abderaouf Ammar Abdeladim
Abderrafie Amrane Abdelali Abderrazak
Abdelaziz Abdessabour Anouar
Abdelbadie Abdessadek Antar Abdelbaki
Abdessafi Antara Abdelbasset Abdessalam
Aouab Abdelfattah Abdessamad Aouiss
Abdelghafour Abdessamie Arbi Abdelghani
Abdessatar Archane Abdelhadi Abdou
Aref Abdelhafid Abdourabih Arif
Abdelhak Abdrabbou Arij Abdelhakim
Abed Arkam Abdelhalim Abid
Arsalane Abdelhamid Aboubaki Assad
Abdelhaq Aboubakr Assil Abdelilah
Aboud Assou Abdeljabbar Achour
Atef Abdeljalil Achraf Atf
Abdeljaouad Atik Abdelkabir
Addi Atiq Adel
Atouf Abdelkamel Adham Ayache
Abdelkarim Adib Ayachi Abdelkhalek
Adil Ayad Abdelkouddous Adnane
Ayich Abdellah Afif Ayman
Abdellatif Ayoub Abdelmalek
Aissa Azam Abdelmoghit Akram
Azhar Abdelmonaim Alaeeddine Azmi
Abdelmouaiz Alami Azzam Abdelmoughit
Azzeddine Abdelmouhaimin Aliane
Azzelarab Abdelmoujib Alif Azzouz
Abdelmoumen Alilou Abdelmouttalib Allali
Abdelouadoud Allou Abdelouafi Allouch
Abdelouahab Amar Abdelouahid Amara
Abdelouali Abdelouarete Ameur
Abdenbi Ameziane


Arabic names for boy starting with B


Baaka Bachar Baaqa Baba
Badr Badr Ezzamane Badr Eddine Badri
Bahae Bahi Bahssin Bachir
Bakkar Bakr Bamou Barouk
Belkassem Benissa Bassam Bassou Bilal Brahim

Belaid Belkas Benaissa Benasser
Bendaoud Bennacer Benyaakoub Bichara
Bichr Bikr Bouamama
Bouamar Bouamrou Bouazza Bouchaib
Bouekri Bouchta Bouhout Boujemaa
Bourhim Bourhime Bousedra Bouselham
Bouziane Brik


Arabic names for boy starting with C


Chaabane Chaddad Chadi Chadli
Chafai Chafik Chafiq Chahed
Chahid Chaib Chakib Chakir
Chaouki Charaf Charaf Eddine Charki
Chedad Cherqi Chihab Choaib
Chouaib Choukri


Arabic names for boy starting with D


Dahane Dahbi Dah Mane Daidai
Dalil Daoud Daoui Darid
Darous Diab Diae Diae Eddine
Didi Douraid Driss Dahane Dahbi Dah Mane Daidai
Dalil Daoud Daoui Darid
Darous Diab Diae Diae Eddine
Didi Douraid Driss


Arabic names for boy starting with E


Eddaoui Elaid Elarabi Elarbi
Elaydi Elbachir Elbouchtaoui Elchafii
Elchahid Ebdelkahar Ebdelkayyaoum Ebdelkahar
Elfatmi Elghali Elghaouti Elghazouani
Elhabib Elmokhtar Elhachemi Elhassan
Elhouari Elkebir Elkhadioui Elkhadir
Elkhamar Elmadani Essghir Elmostafa
Elmouloudi Elouafi Elyazi Ezzine
Eloualid Elmahdi Elmahi Elmahjoub


Arabic names for boy starting with F


Farid Fadoul Fael Fathoune Fahd
Faras Fahim Fettah Fikri
Fouad Frahat Fahmi Farji
Farouk Faik Fath Allah
Fath Elkhir Fail Faraji Fares
Farhate Fathi Faissal Fadel
Faiz Fakher Fakhr Eddine Faouaz


Arabic names for boy starting with G


Ghafour Ghali Ghanem Ghanim
Gharib Ghassan Ghazal Ghazi


Arabic names for boy starting with H


Habib Habib Allah
HamzaHossam Hossam Eddine
Habika Houari Hachem Houcine
Haddaoui Houd Haddou Houdaifa
Hadi Houmad Hadou Houmam
Hafid Houmane Hafs Hoummane
Haidar Hourma Haitam Houssam
Hajaj Hajjaj Houssni
Hsina Halim Hssina
Hamd Hamda Hamdane Hamdi
Hamid Hamidan Hammadi Hamiddouche
Hammed Hamou Hamoud
Hamouda Hanafi Hani
Hanifa Harouch Harrou Hassan
Haroun Hassoun Hatim Hazaz
Hazem Hazim Hicham Hilmi
Hmad Hmida Hmidane Hmidouch
Horma Hosni


Arabic names for boy starting with I


Ibrahim Iad Ider Idriss
Ihssane Ikbal Ilias Ilyas
Imad Imad Eddine Imran Irchad
Isaad Ishaq Ismail Issa
Iyad Issam


Arabic names for boy starting with J


Jaafar Jabbour Jaber Jabir
Jabour Jabrane Jad Jad Elmoula
Jadouane Jalal Jalal Eddine Jalil
Jaloul Jamae Jamal Jamal Eddine
Jamea Jamil Jaouad Jaouhar
Jarrah Jbilou Jilali
Jnina Joundol


Arabic names for boy starting with K


Kamel Karim

Kabbour Kabir Kacem Kadem
Kadhem Kadour Kais Kamal
Kandouz Karam
Kassem Kassou Kebour KhachaneKhair Eddine Khairi Khales Khalid
Khalifa Khalil Khalis Khatib
Kotb Kouider


Arabic names for boy starting with L


Labib Lahbib Lahcen Laite
Laith Lakbir Lakhdar Larbi
Latif Layachi Lokmane Lotfi
Louay Loukman Lounes Lounis


Arabic names for boy starting with M


Maamar Maamoun Maarouf
Maatallah Maati Mabrouk Machich
Madani Mahboub Maher Mahfoud
Mahjoub Mahjoubi Mahmoud Mahraz
Mahrez Majd Majdoub Majid
Makhlouf Malek Malih Mallal
Mamdouh Mamoun Mandil Mansour
Marouane Marzak Marzouk Masaoud
Masrour Massoud Mazigh M’barek
Mesbah Meziane M’hamed Mimoun
Mnaouar Moad Moaouia Moataz
Mobarek Mofid Moflih


Arabic names for boy starting with N

Nabil Nadir
Nabih Nacer Nader
Nadim Nafie Nafis
Nail Naim Najah Najd
Najem Naji Najib Najm Eddine
Namir Naoufal Nassim Nasr Nasr Eddine
Nassef Nassif Nassih
Nazih Nezar Nizar Nouaman
Nouh Nour Nour Eddine Nouri


Arabic names for boy starting with O


Okacha Okba Omar Osmane
Otaiba Othmane Ouadie Ouael
Ouafi Ouafik Ouahab Ouahib
Ouahid Ouail Ouajdi Ouajih
Oualid Oualim Ouassim Ounssi
Oussama Outaiba


Arabic names for boy starting with R


Rabbah Rabeh Rabie Rachad
Rached Radi Raed Rachid Rayan
Rafie Rafik Rahali Rahim
Rahmoun Raif Ramdane Ramzi
Raouad Raouf Razane
Razek Razouk Reda Reda Allah
Redad Redouane Refki Reyad
Rezki Rhassane Riad Rouchdi


Arabic names for boy starting with S


Sahel Salem Sami Samir
Saad Saad Eddine Saadoune Saber
Sabih Sabri Sadik Saeb
Safi Safouane Saghir
Said Saif Saif Eddine Saif Elarab
Saif Elislam Salah Salah Eddine Salam
Salama Saleh Salim
Sallam Salmane Samad
Samih Saoud Rochd Sarhane
Sarie Seddik Sedki Selam
Seouar Sobhi Sohaib Sofiane
Soltan Soubhi Souhaib Souhail
Soulaimane Soultane Sourour Stela


Arabic names for boy starting with T


Tachfine Taha Taher Taib
Taibi Taj Eddine Taki Eddine Talal
Taleb Talha Tami Tamime
Taoufik Tarik Tareq Thami
Tijani Tofail Touhami

Arabic names for boy starting with Y


Yaakoob Yachou Yahia Yahya
Yakd Yasser
Yassir Yazid Yousri Yanis Yassine
Younes Youssef


Arabic names for boy starting with Z


Zahid Zahir Zaid Zakaria
Zaki Zekri Zeriab Zeroual
Zeryab Zidane Zine Zine Eddine
Zine Elabidine Ziyad Zoubir Zouhir



Meaning of some arabic given names for boys



The Arab world abounds in names that are more exotic than tasty to pronounce.  But beware of you, innocent future parents, because behind each name is hidden a literal translation that will play tricks on your toddler’s mektoub.


Choosing a name according to its meaning is a concept that encompasses all cultures, from the Incas to the Japanese, but seems to be neglected by other cultures specially in developped countries. Let´s take a look to the meaning of some arabic masculine names:



1- Ali: means “superior, sublime” in Arabic. Little boys with the first name Ali are very emotional, even if they try to hide it behind a strong and virile appearance. Anyway, these little boys never do things by halves! Despite the fact that they love their independence and freedom, they have a great need for affection and appreciate working together.

Famous personalities named Ali: Ali ibn Abi Talib, son of Âbu Talib and cousin of the Prophet Muhammad.

2-Adam: is a male name of Hebrew origin, means “made of red earth” in Hebrew. Little boys with the first name Adam are ambitious beings with a certain authoritarianism. As intrepid as they are impatient, one thing is sure, they have energy to spare!

Famous personalities named Adam: the German sculptor Adam Krafft (1450-1509); the great Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz (1798-1855); the economist Adam Smith.

3- Ibrahim: means “father of nations” in Hebrew. Little boys with the first name Ibrahim have a discreet and mysterious charm. They like to be worshipped and to lead. Very ambitious, they are slightly self-centered.

Famous personalities named Ibrahim: the Franco-Lebanese musician Ibrahim Maalouf.

4- Usman: this arabic first name for boy is a variant of the transcription of Othman. Little boys with the first name Usman are endowed with extraordinary dynamism and impulsiveness! Very curious, they have a taste for risk and feel the need to live new adventures.

Famous personalities named Usman: the writer Usman Dan Fodio.

5- Yousef means “God will add” in Hebrew. Little boys with the first name Yousef are eminently sociable beings, constantly seeking contact with others. Sensitive and tolerant, they have a pronounced taste for aesthetics and comfort.


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