Arabic names girl

Arabic names for girl



You are expecting a little girl in the coming months and you are still hesitating about the choice of her first name? Have you thought about a arabic name for girl? Their Mediterranean sound warms hearts! If you are expecting a little boy, click right here.


Nowadays original names for girls are trending and arabic names fall into this trend.

Arabic names girl



Arabic names for girl starting with A


Aafrae Aasmae Abida Abir
Abla Abouch Achouak Achoura
Adba Adiba Adila Adrae
Afaf Afifa Afnane Ahlam
Aicha Aida Ainaya Aissaouia
Aizza Akida Alia Aliana
Alou Amal Amane Amani
Amat  Amria Amina Anbar
Anika Anika Anissa Ansam
Anssi Aouatif Aouich Aouicha
Arbia Arifa Arije Arjouane
Arwa Asmae Assala Assia
Assila Atiba Atifa Atika
Atouch Awicha Aya Ayacha
Ayada Azhar Aziza Azouzia Azza


Arabic names for girl starting with B


Bachira Bada  Badda Badia
Badr Essououd Badra Badria Bahia
Bahija Bahria Bahrya Bakhta
Bamou Barka Baroudia
Basima Basma Batoul Bardis Baya
Bouchra Bouchtaouia Boutaina Bouthaina Brika


Arabic names for girl starting with C


Chaden Chadia Chadlia Chafia
Chafika Chahbae Chahida Chahrazad
Chaimae Chakira Chama Chams
Chams Eddouha Charifa Charkia Chefae
Chehabe Chihab Chmicha Chokria
Chomeysa Chouhaiba Choukria Choumaissa


Arabic names for girl starting with D


Dahbia Dalal Dalila Daouia
Darifa Darous Dikra Dina
Doha Dounia Drissia


Arabic names for girl starting with E


Elaidya Elamria Elazzouzia Elbahia
Elbatoul Eldaouia Elissaouia Elkasmia
Elkhamsa Elmalha Elzahia Errahmane Ettahra
Ettam Ezzahiria


Arabic names for girl starting with F


FadaFadila Fadma Fadoua
Fahima Fairouz Faiza Fakhita
Fakira Fama Fanida Farah
Farha Farida Fariha Fathia
Fatima Fatima Zohra Fatine
Fatna Fatou Fatouch Fatoum
Fattouch Fattoum Fayda Fikria
Firdaous Fouzia


Arabic names for girl starting with G


Ghada Ghalia Ghania Ghanima
Ghannou Gharae Ghariba Ghazala
Ghazil Ghenou Ghita Ghizlane


Arabic names for girl starting with H


Hababa Habbouba Habiba Hachmia
Hachouma Hada Hadbae Hadda
Hadhoum Hadia Hadifa Hadil
Hadir Hafida Hafsa Haifae
Hajar Hajiba Hajjou Hakima
Hala Halal Halima Hallouma
Hamdaouia Hamida Hammout Hamou
Hanae Hanane Hania Hanifa
Hannou Hasiba Hasnae Hassana
Hassna Haya Hayat Heba
Hedaya Hiba Hibat Allah Hidaya
Hikma Hind Hinda Houbaba
Houda Houria


Arabic names for girl starting with I


Ibtihaj Ibtihal Ibtissame Ichraf
Ichrak Ichraq Ifak Ihssan
Ijja Ijjou Ijlal Ikbal
Ikhlas Ikram Ilham Ilhame
Imane Inaam Inas Inaya
Ines Insaf Intissar Irchad
Irfane Isaad Israe Issoua
Istirae Izdihar


Arabic names for girl starting with J


Jadia Jahina Jalila Jamila
Jaouahir Jaouda Jaydae Jeddia
Jenane Jenna Jennate Jihane
Jmia Jouayria Jouda Jouhaina
Jouhairia Joumala Joumana Joumane


Arabic names for girl starting with K


Kabira Kaema Kaeda Kaima
Kamar Kamaria Kamila Kamilia
Kamria Kaouakib Kaoukeb Kaoutar
Karima Kattou Kawakib Kawkab
Keltoum Kenza Ketou Khaddouj
Khadija Khadijatou Khadouja Khadra
Khalfia Khalida Khalila Khansae
Khaoula Khattou Khdijtou Khdrae
Kheira Khira Khlifia Khnata


Arabic names for girl starting with L


Labiba Lajin Lamiae Lamyae
Lara Latifa Layla Lina
Lobaba Loubana Loubna
Louiza Loujain Leila


Arabic names for girl starting with M


Maazouza Mabrouka Madiha Maessa
Maha Mahasine Mahbouba Mahdia
Mahjouba Maisae Maisane Maissa
Majda Marzouka Majida Malak
Malika Malha Maliha Mama
Mamat Manal Manar Mansoura
Maouahib Maounia Mariem
Maria Marima Marjana Marjane Maroua
Masen Masouda Mayada Mazouara
M’Barka M’Birika Menna Mennana
Messouda Mezouara Milad Milouda
Miloudia Mimouna Momtaza Mina
Morjana Mouada Moufida Mouina
Moumna Mouna Mounia Mounira


Arabic names for girl starting with N


Nabaouia Nabiha Nabila Nachita
Nachoua Nachwa Nada
Nadia Nadifa Nadira Nadoua Nafissa
Naghma Nahed Nahid Nahida
Nahila Nahla Naima Najat
Najda Najia Najiba Najlae
Najma Najoua Namae Namira
Naoual Naouar Naouara Narjis
Nasiba Nasima Nasira Nasma

Nora Nasria Nassiba Nassria Nazha
Naziha Neama Nehad Nehal
Nihad Nihal Nisrine Nofayla
Nouma Nour


Arabic names for girl starting with O


Odria Olaya Olfa Omra
Omria Othmana Ouadia Ouafae
Ouahiba Ouahida Oualada Oualida
Ouarda Ouardia Ouasila Ouasima
Oud Elouard Ouiame Ouidad Ouihab
Ouijdane Ouissal Oum Elaid Oum Elbanine
Oum Elez Oum Elghait Oum Elhine Oum Elkhir
Oum Essaad Oum Hani Oum Keltoum Oumama
Oumayya Oumelghit Oumnia Ourida


Arabic names for girl starting with R


Rabab Rabha Rabia Racha
Rachida Rachika Radia Radoua
Raeda Raeja Rafiaa Rafika
Rahiba Rahila Rahima Rahma
Rahmouna Raida Raihana Raihane
Rajae Rajia Rakouch Rana
Randa Rania Rima Raoua Raouane
Ratiba Rayda Rayhana Razika
Rehab Rehame R’Himou Rim
Rkia Rochdia Rouaya
Rouhia Roukaya


Arabic names for girl starting with S


Sabra SabrinaSaadia Sabhia Sabiha Sabira
Sabria Sadika
Safae Safia Safira Safoua
Sahila Saida Saila Sakina
Saliha Salima Salma Saloua
Salsabil Samae Samar Samara
Samiha Samrae
Sanae Saousane Samia Samira
Sara Sarah
Seddika Siham Siouar Smahane
Soraya Souad
Sofia Sonia  Souhaila Souhir

Soukaina Soultana Soumia


Arabic names for girl starting with T


Tafout Tahera Tahour Tahra
Taimae Takwa Tama Tamimount
Tamou Tamra Taoufika Tasnim
Thouriya Tilila Tisba Tlaitmas
Tohfa Touda Touiba


Arabic names for girl starting with W


Wadia Wahida Wiam Widad
Widen-May Wissal


Arabic names for girl starting with Y


Yasmina Yasmine Yaja Yajjou Yakout Yamama
Yamane Yamina Yamna Yasamine
Yassira Yattou
Yazza Yetou Yezza Yousra


Arabic names for girl starting with Z


Zahia Zahida Zahira Zahoua
Zahra Zahria Zaima Zaina
Zaineb Zakia Zanba Zannouba
Zanou Zanouba Zaytouna Zaytounia
Zhirou Zina Zinba Zineb
Zohra Zoubida Zouina Zoulikha




Most popular arabic names for girl in Morocco


Beside you can find a list with the ranking of the most popular arabic names in this times in Morocco


1              Inès

2              Noûr

3              Aya

4              Yasmine

5              Assia

6              Maryam

7              Aïcha

8              Nora

9              Amira

10            Amina

11            Kenza

12            Fatima

13            Selma


14            Aliya

15            Khadija

16            Mariam

17            Hana

18            Sirine

19            Salma

20            Asma

21            Kamila

21            Marwa

23            Alia

24            Safiya

25            Hafsa



Meaning of some arabic given names for girls



The Arab world abounds in names that are more exotic than tasty to pronounce. They are Fadila, Billal, Naima, Saïd, Ilham… But beware of you, innocent future parents, because behind each name is hidden a literal translation that will play tricks on your toddler’s mektoub.


Choosing a name according to its meaning is a concept that encompasses all cultures, from the Incas to the Japanese, but seems to be neglected by other cultures specially in developped countries. Let´s take a look to the meaning of some arabic femenine names:



1- Inès: corresponds to the phonetic transcription of the Arabic feminine first name Înâs, meaning “benevolence, caress, companion”.


2- Anissa: this arabic first name for daughter means “sociable, sympathetic” in Arabic. Little girls with the first name Anissa are endowed with a strong will and determination. Their personality is double-faceted because, beyond this stubbornness, little Anissa likes solitude and seems somewhat marginal.


3- Jamila:  is a feminine first name of Arab origin, means “of great physical and spiritual beauty” in Arabic. Little girls with the name Jamila are shrouded in mystery. Enamoured of adventure and very attached to their freedom, they are attracted by everything that proves to be avant-garde. From time to time, they feel the irrepressible need to indulge in intense reflection.

4- Kenza: means “treasure” in Arabic. Little girls with the first name Kenza are reserved, suspicious and cautious. However, when their confidence is gained, they are generous and give a lot of themselves. They like to feel safe within their family cocoon.


5- Samia: this arabic first name for girl means “superior, sublime”. Little girls with the name Samia are very pretty! Loving to highlight their feminine attributes, they like to seduce and please. Capricious and moody, they can change their ideas or mood radically from one minute to the next.


6-Monia: this arabic first name for girl means “desire” in Arabic.

Little girls with the first name Monia are extremely sensitive, despite the fact that they tend to hide their emotions. Attached to their freedom, they like to analyze and ask themselves questions, while having a taste for detail …

7- Layla this arabic first name for girl means “born during the night” in Arabic. Little girls with the first name Layla are independent and they like to lead! Avid for power and freedom, they don’t like to be resisted. Often endowed with a radiant beauty, little Layla’s are nonetheless moody and impulsive.


We wish this information will help you to choose a name!


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