Morocco Tyson


Morocco Tyson is the eighth child of Mike Tyson. His mother is Lakiha Spicer Tyson, his third wife. Mike Tyson married her few days after the tragic domestic accident that ended life of her doughter Exodus, four years old, in May 2009. The little girl, who was playing in the family home gym, had fallen and got her neck caught in a rope attached to a treadmill. Her 7-year-old brother, at that time, found her and called for help, but Exodus, unfortunately, did not survive. Morocco Elijah Tyson is the second child of the couple who already has a daughter named Milan.


Morocco Tyson

Born on January 25th, 2011 in a clinic in Henderson, Nevada, weighted 8lbs 13oz and had a size of 48 cm.


Mike Tyson reportedly converted to Islam while spending time in prison. The boxing great garnered a lot of negative attention after being convicted of rape. Mike Tyson was then known for his violent personality and decided to embrace Islam. During an interview after being released from prison, Mike Tyson said he was very moved after reading books on Islam and decided to become a Muslim since he saw Islam as a religion of peace.


After converting to Islam Mike Tyson changed his name to Malik Abdul Aziz after becoming a Muslim. However, he continued to go by “Mike Tyson” throughout his boxing career and his Muslim name was never used in any of his professional boxing contests after he converted.



Morocco Elijah Tyson. The next generation


On March 21, 2016, the former heavyweight boxing champion, posted a picture with his son on his Facebook account under the title: “My son Morroco Tyson, the next generation”.



Morocco Elijah Tyson

Mike Tyson’s publication has been all over the social networks in Morocco and has provoked many comments from Moroccans. They are unanimous in their praise for the former world champion who named his son after their country


Tyson admitted that he has introduced interactive boxing workout program FightCamp at home, and his kids absolutely love it.


“It was a cool way to introduce boxing to my kids and now I can’t keep them off it”


“It’s been a few months since we got it. I use it for combination drills and Milan & Morocco use the pre-programmed workouts”.  “They are both homeschooled so it’s a good way to get in more exercise.” Morocco Tyson is still learning the basics of boxing. His father brought a professional boxing coach to teach his son Morocco the basics of the noble art in private lessons.




Brothers and sisters of Morocco Tyson


Amir Tyson


It is said that Amir boasts of his wealth and lifestyle-like his father used to do in his prime. He´s the CEO of Debonair Attire and is a self-proclaimed businessman.


Exodus Tyson

In 2009, Exodus died at the age of 4 after she got stuck on a treadmill and ended up hanging to death without anyone’s assistance. Tyson was reportedly not at his home in Las Vegas when the incident happened. To this date, Tyson curbs in pain while discussing it.


Rayna Tyson

Very little is known about her, but she is already starting to make her way into the film industry. Despite being a global icon’s daughter, Rayna likes to keep her private life mum.


Mikey Lorna Tyson

She has always kept a distance from media and is not a familiar face to Tyson’s fans. However, as she is the former champion’s daughter, she is still a well-known figure.


Miguel Tyson

The young Tyson often trains with his father but is still not open to entering the ring. Similar to his siblings, Miguel also keeps himself low-key from all the social media drama and media attraction.


Milan and Morocco Tyson

Milan, the younger sister of Morocco. Being the youngest kids, they are often seen in several media presentations. However, Mike Tyson hasn’t revealed a lot about them. However, he has accompanied them on some television shows.


While Tyson’s return to action will be talked about for a while, his personal life will remain of the most-talked-about factors in the boxing world.






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