Greeting in Morocco

How to greet in moroccan arabic


Hello and thank you are the first words you learn in a language. In this article we are going to explain different ways for greeting in Morocco, yes as everywhere in the world you can say “hello” in Morocco in many different ways.


Greeting in Morocco

As you might know in Morocco “darija” a dialect of arabic is the most widely spoken language. If you come to Morocco and you can say “hello” in moroccan dariya you will find moroccans appreciate it. Learning some words in this araic dialect can bring you the respect of the moroccans and their appreciation. Probably you will see them smile or even laugh and answer you in darija.


English Moroccan arabic (darija) Darija in arabic alphabet
Peace be upon you Essalamo 3alikom or just “essalam”. السلام عليكم
Peace be upon you as well Wa 3alikom essalam وعليكم السلام
Good morning Sba7 elkhir / Sba7 ennor صْباح الخير / صْباح النور
Good evening Msa elkhir / Msa ennor مسا الخير/ مسا النور
How are you ? Ki dayr ? (for a man) Ki dayra ? (for a woman) كي داير؟ كي دايرة؟
Are you fine ? (very popular greeting) Labas 3lik ? لا باس عليك؟
I´m fine thanks God Labas, el7amdo lillah لاباس، الحمد لله
And you ? W nta ? (male) W nti ? (famele) و نتا؟ و نْتي؟
Et la famille ? Mmaline eddar ? / El3a2ila ? مّالين الدّار؟ / العائلة؟
Et les enfants ? Elwlidat ? الوليدات؟
Is everything fine? Kolshi bikhir? كُلشي بِخير
God bless you. Rebbi ikhellik ربي يخليك
On se voit demain. Netshawfo ghedda نْتشاوْفو غْدّا
Good bye. Beslama بْسْلامة





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