One question that most of our traveles wonder is “Do I need a visa for Morocco?”. Moroccan law regarding the entry and stay of foreigners in Morocco provides that any foreigner wishing to travel to Morocco must have a valid passport or other document issued by the state of which he or she is a national, recognized by the Moroccan state as a travel document (Law No. 02-03 of November 11, 2003).


A visa for Morocco is an authorization to enter and reside for a limited period of time in Morocco issued by the competent Moroccan authority. It is materialized by the affixing of a specific and secure “visa” sticker.

Visa for Morocco

The visa is valid from one day to three months or, exceptionally, for one year and, depending on the case, is valid for one, two, or multiple entries.


However, possession of a visa does not confer an irrevocable right of entry. The control carried out during the verification of a passport or travel document may also relate to the means of existence and the reasons for the coming to Morocco of the person concerned and to the guarantees of his repatriation, pursuant to the law relating to the entry and stay of foreigners in Morocco.


It is the responsibility of the competent authority issuing the visa to determine the length of stay and the period of validity of the visa according to the profile of the applicant, the type and category of visa requested and the number of entries.


The competent authorities issue four types of visas for entry to Morocco :


  1. Short validity visa


The short validity visa allows a foreigner to enter Morocco for reasons other than immigration, for an uninterrupted short stay or several short stays in the case of multiple entries.


The duration of each stay is between one and ninety days.


  1. Long validity visa


A long validity visa, valid for more than three months, is a multiple entry visa issued by Moroccan diplomatic or consular representations, after prior consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. This visa is valid for no more than one year and the duration of each stay is between one and ninety days.


A foreigner holding a long-stay visa and wishing to stay in Morocco for more than three months must apply to the competent services of the General Directorate of National Security for the issuance of a registration card.


  1. Transit Visa


A transit visa authorizes a foreigner, on his way to a third state, to cross the territory of Morocco. This visa may be issued for one or two transits, provided that the duration of stay for each transit may not exceed 72 hours.


  1. Visa issued at the border


Exceptionally, the Security Services can issue short-stay and transit visas at border posts.


For countries where Morocco is not represented, applications should be addressed to the diplomatic mission accredited in that country or to the Honorary Consuls. In the absence of these representations, applications will be addressed directly to the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Directorate of Consular and Social Affairs – Rabat ( for a visa deposit at the airport.





Transit visa (up to 72 hours)-  17ODH

Residence Visa: less than 3 months with one entry-  220DH

Residence Visa: less than 3 months with two entries-  330DH




Visiting Morocco: Formalities and Procedures for International Visitors

– Conditions for entry into Morocco of foreign nationals whose countries are exempt from the visa formality


Countries without visa for Morocco


Algérie Koweït
Allemagne Lettonie
Autriche Liechtenstein
Australie Lituanie
Arabie Saoudite Luxembourg
Argentine Macao (Région administrative)
Belgique Mali (Besoin d’une AEVM)
Bahreïn Malaisie
Brésil Malte
Bulgarie Mexique
Côte d’Ivoire Niger
Canada Norvège
Chili Nouvelle Zélande
Chine Oman
Chypre Portugal
Congo (Brazzaville) (Besoin d’une AEVM) Pays-Bas
Corée du Sud Philippines
Croatie Pérou
Danemark Pologne
Emirats Arabes-Unis Porto-Rico
Espagne + Andorre Qatar
Estonie Roumanie Macao (Région administrative)
Etats-Unis d’Amérique Russie (Fédération)
Finlande Saint-Marin
France + Monaco Sénégal
Gabon Singapour 
Grande Bretagne Suisse
Grèce Slovénie
Guinée (Conakry) (Besoin d’une AEVM) Slovaquie
Islande Suède
Italie Tchéquie (République)
Irlande Tunisie
Indonésie Turquie
Hong-Kong (un séjour limité à 30 jours)
Hongrie (un séjour limité à 30 jours)


Note: UN Experts holding passports or laissez-passer issued by the UN are exempt from visa requirements for entry into Morocco.


So yes visa for Morocco for US citizens is required


For foreign nationals arriving or disembarking in Morocco as part of an organized trip:



The legi


For foreign nationals arriving or disembarking in Morocco as part of an organized trip:


* A valid passport, covering at least the duration of stay in Morocco, is required.


NB: For foreigners entering Morocco with their pets, they must have their certificates of good health dated less than six days and anti-rabies certificates of less than six months.


For foreign nationals arriving or disembarking in Morocco as individuals, couples or groups:


They must have passports or any other valid document recognized by the Moroccan State as a travel document.


Condition of entry into Morocco for foreign nationals whose countries are subject to the visa formality:


In accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned law, the travel documents of foreign nationals whose countries are subject to the visa formality must be accompanied by the visas required for entry into Morocco, issued by the Moroccan authorities.


Visas are issued to foreigners subject to this formality, after payment of the required fees, upon presentation of the following documents:


Nature of the service Adult


– Visa Application – Completed Visa Application Information Sheet

– Valid Passport: The validity of the passport or travel document must be greater than the duration of the stay;

– Identity card and residence card

– Valid passport

– 3 passport photos


Applications for tourist or other visas for persons holding ordinary passports must be submitted to the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco under their cisconscription, those for persons holding diplomatic or service passports not benefiting from the visa exemption regime can be submitted to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco.


To be aware before apliying for your Moroccan visa


We would like to make you aware about the fact that there are many unofficial websites where you can apply for your visa for Morocco. On these websites you will get your visa but you will be charged an extra-fee. So we advice to adress to the official webs to request your moroccan visa.



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