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▷ Moroccan traditional clothing

MOROCCAN TRADITIONAL CLOTHING   The Moroccan costume   The Muslim's dress, although having crossed the centuries and the ages, has always kept a well defined code, dictated by the habits and customs of the countries. The fabrics evolve according to the times and tastes, as varied as the countries are, the Muslim costume is also. 

Sahara sand storm

Sahara sand storm   A sandstorm is a meteorological phenomenon that manifests itself by strong winds causing the deflation and transport of sand particles in the atmosphere, by the process of saltation, or even by suspension for fine sands. Dust storms are similar but the substrate raised is the dried out soil. They leave sand

▷ Arabic Names for Boy

Arabic names for boy     You are expecting a little boy in the coming months and you are still hesitating about the choice of her first name? Have you thought about an arabic name for boy? Arabic names sound exotic and warm! Discover in this article a big list of arabic names for boy

Moroccan lamb stew recipes

Moroccan lamb stew recipes Lamb meat is one of the most traditionally eaten and appreciated meats in Morocco. It is for this reason that we can say that Moroccans are specialists in cooking lamb stew. In this article we bring you three recipes for Moroccan lamb stew. Depending on your taste, you can find the

▷ Ras el hanout. Recipes

RECIPE FOR AND WITH RAS EL HANOUT   What is ras el hanout and how to incorporate these spices in recipes?   Ras el hanout is a mixture of Moroccan spices: an explosion of flavors that adds flavor to vegetables and other preparations. In this post we are going to tell you everything you need

▷ Arabic names girl

Arabic names for girl     You are expecting a little girl in the coming months and you are still hesitating about the choice of her first name? Have you thought about a arabic name for girl? Their Mediterranean sound warms hearts! If you are expecting a little boy, click right here.   Nowadays original

Hijab vs Burka. Which are the differences?

Hiyab vs burka.   This article discusses the differences between hijab vs burka. Being muslim veils there are important differences between them in terms of shape, origing, area of use... Hijab and burka are not the only islamic veils so we metion other veils to highlight the main differences with hijab and burka.    

▷ Moroccan Djellaba women & men

Moroccan djellaba for women and men   DJELLABA DEFINITION   The word Djellaba or Jellaba in North African Arabic means a garment. In central and eastern Algeria it is called qeššaba or qeššabiya.   The word "Djellaba" would be an alteration of the word djilbab which, in ancient Arabic, would designate a draped garment. In

Bissara Fava beans soup

Bissara Fava beans soup How to cook cream of beans. Bissara recipe The bissara, a cream of broad beans that can also be made with peas (usually dried and broken) or beans is an economical and healthy dish that is very typical in Maghreb countries. In this article we bring you the bisara recipe that
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