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Morocco sahara


Our most popular Morocco Sahara Tours . The trip from Marrakech is rich in scenery and includes an unforgettable stay in a Desert Camp.

desert camp


A great experience starting from Fes including camel trekking and at least one night in a tented desert camp in the Merzouga Desert.



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Merzouga Luxury Desert Camp



How long is a Morocco desert tour?

To answer this question we must first explain that there are 3 sand deserts in Morocco. The most visited by the height of its dunes and its easy access is the Erg Chebbi or more commonly known as Merzouga desert. The closest is the Zagora desert (sand desert with very small dunes) and finally the most inhospitable and difficult to access: the Erg Chigaga.

As for the desert of Merzouga, it is at least 9 hours drive from Marrakech  and on the way there are many interesting things to see: Ait ben Haddou, the Atlas Mountains, the route of the 1000 kashbas, the Dades Gorges and much more. In theory you could organize an excursion to this desert from Marrakech in two long travel days but this would mean missing out on everything on the way and arriving in the desert very late. In winter you would probably arrive after sunset, which is worth seeing, and very much so!

For this reason the minimum time to do this excursion to the Sahara is 3 days. We always recommend to do it in 4 days if the travel plans allow it so that you can enjoy a full day in the desert and its surroundings.

If you are coming from Fez there are 7h drive to Merzouga so in this case you can plan a Sahara tour in just 2 days!

Secondly, a tour from Marrakech to the desert of Zagora can be done without problems in 2 days. This tour is suitable for people who do not have many days in Morocco but want to visit a sandy desert. The tour also includes a visit to Ait ben Haddou.

Finally, if you are one of the more adventurous you may want a trip to the desert Erg Chiggaga from Marrakech in this case as for the tour to the desert of Merzouga you should plan 3 days.

What is the price of a Morocco Sahara tour?

The price of our Morocco Sahara tours from the city of your choice depends on several factors such as the number of passengers, if it is special dates like Christmas or Easter, the number of days, the preference of accommodation, etc. Contact us and we will give you an estimate without any obligation!

When to travel to Morocco desert?

If you are thinking about a desert tour Marrakech or any other trip in this amazing country you will be interested to know what is the best time to travel or what you will find depending on when you plan your tour.

Going to Morocco means discovering a diverse country that every traveler can enjoy. There is no bad time to visit Morocco, but in general, the best time to visit is in April and May or from September to November, the country’s peak seasons.

During these months, traveling to Morocco allows you to enjoy a climate that is neither too hot nor too cold. In addition, there are fewer tourists to contend with than during the summer or winter holiday periods.

However, those hoping to hike the Atlas Mountains or surf the waves of the Atlantic coast may find that other times of the year suit their needs better.

Vacationing in Morocco means choosing your trip based on the weather.

For many visitors, the Moroccan weather is the most important factor in determining the best time to go. Morocco follows the same basic seasonal pattern as any other country in the northern hemisphere: winter lasts from December to February and summer from June to August.

During the summer months, the weather can be uncomfortable, especially in Marrakech, Fez and southwestern Morocco (remember that the further south you go, the closer you are to the Sahara Desert).

Coastal destinations such as Tangier, Rabat and Essaouira are a more comfortable option at this time of year, as they benefit from the cool sea breeze. Despite the heat, many people choose to visit Morocco at this time of year, as it coincides with summer vacations in Europe.

Winters are usually mild, although nighttime temperatures can drop dramatically; lows of -3°C have been recorded in Marrakech. A sprinkling of snow is not unusual in northern Morocco and, of course, the Atlas Mountains are prone to heavy snowfall in winter.

You can even ski in Oukaïmeden, 80 kilometers south of Marrakech. Winters in the north of the country and along the coast can be quite wet, while winters in the south are drier but colder, especially at night.


When to take a Marrakech Sahara tour

If you are interested in a trip to the Sahara desert, the most comfortable time to do it is in autumn or early spring. This way, you can avoid the dry landscape and scorching temperatures of summer (around 46°C), as well as the freezing night temperatures of winter.

At any time of year, temperatures tend to drop in the evening, so it is best to bring a warm jacket, no matter what time of year you visit. Although spring is usually a good time to visit the desert, it is important to remember that April in particular can bring with it the sirocco wind sandstorms.


When to visit the Atlas Mountains?

Although it is possible to visit the Atlas all year round, spring (April to May) and autumn (September to October) usually offer the best weather. Although summers in the Atlas are usually mild and sunny, temperatures in the mountain valleys often exceed 30°C, while afternoon thunderstorms are not uncommon.

In winter, nighttime temperatures can drop to 5 degrees Celsius or below, while above 3,000 meters, snow precautions, including crampons and ice axes, are necessary. Weather in the Atlas Mountains can be unpredictable at any time of year and conditions depend largely on the altitude at which you intend to hike.

The best time to go to the Moroccan coast

Agir beach to visit during your trip to Morocco .
Wide beach of Agadir strewn with umbrellas and sun loungers for visitors. As for the climate, the best time to visit Morocco’s beaches is summer, when the average temperature is around 30°C . Sea temperatures also peak at this time of year, with an average water temperature of 25°C in July.

However, summer is also the peak tourist season, so be sure to book well in advance, especially if you plan to visit places of interest such as Essaouira or Agadir. If you prefer fewer people and lower prices, consider a trip in spring or autumn.

Those attracted by the Atlantic coast’s reputation as one of the best surfing destinations in Africa should ignore the above advice and travel to places like Taghazout and Agadir during the winter months.


Whether a trip to the desert is a good option for children is a question we get asked a lot. The reality is that children enjoy a lot in the desert playing with the sand and watching the camels. And not only the desert, Morocco is a country that for its colors, smells and the beauty of its landscapes and architecture takes all the attention of the senses of both children and adults. In addition, the Berbers culturally have a great appreciation for children.

Keep in mind that it is an excursion with many hours of driving so we recommend to make the trip in one more day to be able to save the hours of driving.

Finally if you want to schedule the tour in summer it is important that you ask for a tent with air conditioning. Especially the months of July and August we do not recommend coming to the desert with children but if you do not forget this essential detail when preparing the trip to the desert.


Quality services make our desert tours great value for money. Trip organizers are european women working on our country basis which means we do really care about making best experiences for our travelers. We do our best to keep our tours out of any risks or issues and provide you a confortable Morocco Sahara tour in which you get tons of fun and beautiful moments to remind. We are available to support you since your first contact and until the end of your tour. We carefully choose serious and helpful berber driver-guides which enhance your cultural experience.

Private travel is the ultimate way to see Morocco how you want. We tailor-make an itinerary just for you, giving you complete freedom to choose what you want to see, where you want to go and when you want to do it. Adjust an existing itinerary to suit your needs or start from scratch and design your own adventure day by day. During your trip you will also have the freedom to ask your driver-guide to stop whenever you need to take some pictures, go to the bathroom or strech your legs.

We choose passionate individuals who will truly enhance your experience with unparalleled enthusiasm and local knowledge. Our guides are authentic berbers from Sahara desert in Morocco. This means when you book one of our Sahara desert tours you’re supporting true sustainability in the protection of local communities. We have a responsibility as visitors to minimise the impact of our presence, protect what is delicate and where we can, leave a positive influence.

Morocco is a country where things doesn´t work as in more developed countries so creating a holiday can be hassle if you dont´t know. Our job is to make this as easy as posible and sabe your precios time. We can assist you as much or as little as you wish. We have a wide knowledge on tourism in Morocco and are available at all times to help or advice since your first contact to the end of your tour. Your Morocco Sahara tour will be carefully created by european travel agents who will have visited every area that features on your holiday and will often have stayed at or visited most of the hotels.