There is no doubt, Morocco is a great country for shopping. You can find many traditional goodies. Most of the products are either hand-made locally or made with bio products. There are a lot of things you can take back home, but here are the things you can only find in Morocco!


Among the thing you can take back home: moroccan leather, argan oil, lanterns, rugs and carpets, pottery, djellabas, market bags, babouches, colored tea cups, moroccan pastries

The main rule of shopping in Morocco is haggle, haggle, haggle. If you plan to shop in Morocco you really need to haggle or bargain.

Haggling is a game and you should  approach it that way you’re likely to be more comfortable.




There are different ways to approach this game but we show you one that doesn’ t imply too much talking and that really works.


So the first step is to approximately know the local price of the good you are interested on. For that the best is to ask to people on the street. Moroccans are really helpful people and they really take the time to talk to strangers.

Once you know the price you go into a shop where this god is sold, you should not show too much interest. After being sure you have found what you want to buy you ask the price to the seller, he will give you whichever price probably far from the local price. Then you offer him the price you would spend (with the local price in mind). You have to insist on the fact that this is the price you would pay. Probably he will dismish your offer several times.


At this point is when the acting starts: you thanks him and pretend as you are going elsewhere to find the price you are going to pay. If the price you were offering leaves some margin to the seller be sure he will follow you and accept your offer.






So that’s it, we encourage you to haggle in Morocco with this simple trick. Good luck and good shopping!



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