One of the concerns of travelers is if it’s safe to travel to Morocco. Morocco is a safe place to visit especially for tourists. We all have in mind the sad event that happened to two girls in the mountains. This is an isolated fact. The truth is that tourism is a good source of income for the country so tourists are spoiled. As a tourist in Morocco, you only risk finding yourself in small crimes there (scams and pickpockets). You’re unlikely to ever be in any real physical danger in Morocco, but the petty crime and harassment require you to stay on guard. All this information will decrease your possibility of getting into trouble. For those who don´t want to worry and especially for first-timers in Morocco, we recommend booking a private tour. Your local guide will decrease your risk almost to 0.
Here are our tips on how to stay safe traveling in Morocco:



Here are our tips on how to stay safe traveling in Morocco:

1- Theft

In general, theft is not a big safety problem for travelers in Morocco. You need only to take some basic precautions. Leave all your valuables but the few things u could need locking in your hotel. This also applies to flashy jewelry, people will see the jewelry as a sign of wealth and therefore try to scam you in stores or rob you on the streets.
Take care when withdrawing money from ATMs and do it with preference during the daytime.
The medinas in Marrakesh, Casablanca,  Tangier, and Fes are the places where you should pay more attention.

2- Watch for scams

There are different kinds of small scams in Morocco. Check out our post “How to avoid being scammed in Morocco” to get detailed information.

3- Getting Lost

Be aware that Medina streets are a fantastic place to get lost. You may get easily disorientated in these labyrinthine narrow streets. This situation can make you feel anxiety or panic. In this case, you could get into trouble if a fake guide offers you his help and finishes asking you for some money or brings you to a different business where he may get a comisión.

4- Don’t walk alone at night

Although walking in busy places can be fine it’s better to avoid walking alone at night. Especially in old medinas where you can easily get disorientated.

5- Don’t Forget Travel Insurance

Travel insurance will protect you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It’s comprehensive protection in case anything goes wrong.

6- Drugs

Marijuana (known as kif) is widely grown in the Rif Mountains. It’s illegal to buy, sell, or consume marijuana or hashish in Morocco. If you’re going to smoke kif, don’t do it in public, and be extremely careful about who you buy it from.
If caught with marijuana, you may be looking at a fine and, in the worst case, a prison sentence. Although some locals smoke marijuana as a recreational pastime, as a tourist you’re more vulnerable.

7- Special considerations if you’re a woman

A woman alone will attract a lot of attention from men, an increased chance of being followed, and the likelihood of groping. Dress conservatively and don´t walk alone in places where there are not many people or at night.

So in summary, yes, traveling in Morocco is safe for the most part. We recommend to anyone that they visit the country just make sure you keep an extra eye out or book a tour to be out of any worries.


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