Thank you in Morocco


Hello and thank you are the first words you learn in a language. In this article we are going to explain you how to say thank you in Moroccan as well as the answer to a thank you.


As you might know in Morocco “darija” a dialect of arabic is the most widely spoken language. If you come to Morocco and you can say “thank you” in dariya you will find moroccans appreciate it. Learning some words in this araic dialect can bring you the respect partner Buch schreiben lassen of the moroccans and their appreciation. Probably you will see them smile or even laugh and answer you in darija.


How to say thank you in Morocco. The most common way


The most common word to say thank you is “choukran” pronounced ‘Shokran’. If you want to say “thank you so much” in Morocco you will say “choukran bzaf” pronounced “shokran bsaf”.


Thank you in Morocco


Choukran is used in all Arabic-speaking countries, in both formal and informal settings, and understood widely among all tongues of Arabic language speakers.


More polite ways to say “thank you” in Morocco

Many tourists know or learn how to say “choukran” but just few know other more polite ways to say it.

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You can say “Allah irham walik”, “Allah ikbar bik” or even “Allah i3tik ma tmniti” (God gives you what you wish) if you are really really thankful about something.


Other ways to say thank you in Morocco


If you want to make it easy you could just say “merci” which is “thank you” in french. If you are in a berber zone you could say “tanmirt” which is “thank you” in berber.

How to reply to thanks in Morocco.


To say “you are welcome” in Morocco you can say just “marhaba” that means exactly “welcome” or if you wanna learn something a bit more complicated you can say “la chokran 3la wajib” which means “there is no thanks for a duty”


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