Moroccan tea with mint

Morrocan tea with mint   Tea (Arabic: أتاي, atay?) in Morocco is an essential beverage, the country being the world's largest importer of green tea. Herbal infusion has been popular in the country long before the arrival of tea in Morocco. There is much speculation about the arrival of tea in Morocco, the main one

Berber rug. All you need to know

The Berber rug, what is it? All you need to know about berber carpets   Straight from Morocco, the authentic Berber carpets are handmade, according to a know-how transmitted from generation to generation. They are the fruit of the work of the wool of sheep. The manufacturing process is long and careful. Several months are

50 Arabic Proverbs that will make you wiser

50 Inspirational Arabic Proverbs that will make you wiser   Arabic proverbs, or any other culture, are short sayings that contain a moral teaching. In Arabic culture, and specifically in Morocco, many of these sayings have been preserved by oral tradition: they pass from parents to children without any written elaboration, except when they are

Main Catholic churches in Morocco

Catholic Churches in Morocco     The Catholic Church in Morocco (Arabic: "الكنيسة الكاثوليكية في المغرب, Alkanisat alkathulikiat fi Almaghrib"), refers to the institutional body and its local community having Catholicism as its religion in Morocco.   Catholic churches in Morocco. Cathedral of Casablanca     The Catholic Church in Morocco has two archdioceses that

17 Traditional moroccan instruments

17 Traditional moroccan musical instruments   List of traditional moroccan  instruments used in the different styles of Moroccan music.   Contents 1 String moroccan instruments 2 Percussion moroccan instruments 3 Wind moroccan instruments or aerophones String moroccan  instruments   1. The kamanja   Also called kemanche, or kamānche, stringed instrument of the fiddle family prominent in Arab and Persian art music. It

▷ 17 Facts to understand a moroccan wedding

The Moroccan wedding in 17 particularities     Fairy-like, traditional and high in color (and rhythmic vibrations!), the Moroccan wedding is unlike any other. The proof is in this article that decorates 17 particularities around the Moroccan wedding... Long live the bride and groom!   1. The meeting of the families   The story of

▷ Moroccan Kaftan Dress Women

MOROCCAN KAFTAN DRESS FOR WOMEN     Traditional Moroccan clothing style, the moroccan kaftan dress has taken a fairly important place in the field of women fashion. Indeed, this one does not cease attracting the covetousness of the professional and amateur designers. To give you more details about the kaftan. Let's see through this article

▷ Moroccan Babouches Slippers

MOROCCAN BABOUCHES SLIPPERS   The Moroccan typical shoes: babouches slippers   For centuries, the babouches have been adored by the orientals. They are traditional shoes that they wear at home as well as in great ceremonies. They exist in different colors and in various forms. Also, their manufacture follows a very particular process. Discover in
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