Best attractions to visit in Marrakesh

Not for nothing is Marrakesh considered one of the prominent cities of Morocco. It consists of a variety of souks that offer carpets, hats, spices, kaftans, blankets and what not. Not to forget the Islamic culture and architecture, as well as attractions like the Koutoubia Mosque, the popular gardens of La Mamounia, Dar Si Said Museum, and many others.

Marrakesh Morocco

Marrakesh Morocco, a previous supreme city in western Morocco, is a noteworthy monetary focus and home to mosques, castles and gardens. The medina is a thickly stuffed, walled medieval city dating to the Berber Empire, with mazelike back streets where flourishing souks (commercial centers) offer conventional materials, earthenware and gems. An image of the Marrakesh Morocco, and noticeable for miles, is the Moorish minaret of twelfth century Koutoubia Mosque. In the same way as other Moroccan urban areas, Marrakesh involves an old strengthened city stuffed with merchants and their slows down (the medina), flanked by present day neighborhoods, the most noticeable of which is Gueliz. Today it is one of the busiest urban communities in Africa and fills in as a noteworthy financial focus and visitor goal.

Marrakesh Attractions

You haven’t generally been to Marrakesh Attractions until you have lost in the souqs, spent the night in the midst of the storytellers of the Djemaa el-Fna and tasted mint tea while debating the benefits of the Berber floor covering that you’re considering buying. Tear yourself

1. Aït Benhaddou - Marrakesh

Aït Benhaddou or commonly known as ksar of Aït Benhaddou is a historical dwelling setting with defensive boundary wall located in Morocco. The ksar is the expression of earthen architecture of Southern Morocco. Aït Benhaddou saw its prime several hundred years ago and yet it is not completely abandoned. This historical place has been used to shoot many famous movies like Mummy and Gladiator. Sunshine makes the external look of Aït Benhaddou like a magnificent past breathing in present. People with interest in pre-Saharan history will find this place very intriguing.


2. Almoravid Koubba - Marrakesh

Almoravid Koubba is one of the oldest building in the city of Marrakech goes back in time to 12th century. The place now standing magnificent and tall in Marrakech, was once a place for the purification rituals before prayers because archeological findings point out a well planned drainage system with a whole scheme of showers and faucets. The floral based interior design of the building demonstrates the aesthetic detailing of the Almoravid dynasty. The place is now well maintained and preserved by the administration and opened for sightseeing.

The Almoravid Qoubba Marrakech

3. Bahia Palace - Marrakesh

Bahia Palace is an edifice built in 19th century with an array of gardens. The place was supposed to be the greatest palace of its time. Bahia literally mean ‘brilliance’, the whole place is decorated with the extensive Moroccan and Islamic aesthetics; from floors to ceilings to the columns in the building are etched with ornaments. The palace depicts the extravagant living style of aristocrats of that time and region. Nevertheless, Bahia Palace is a treat for people who do not like the minimalistic architectural approach of modern times.

Marrakech Bahia Palace

4. Ben Youssef Madrasa - Marrakesh

Ben Youssef Madrasa is one of the oldest and largest Islamic theological college in whole of Morocco. Although, it had been closed for a long time but in the late 20th century it was reopened as a historical site. The architecture of Madrasa shows the marvel of Islamic renaissance because each and every corner of building was so immaculately embroidered with mosaics and Islamic calligraphy. The Madrasa also had a student hostel in its upper part showing the extensive planning of that time.

5. Dar Si Said Marrakesh Museum - Marrakesh

Dar Si Said is one of the famous museum of Moroccan identity located in the city of Marrakech. The museum is an artisan treasure of so many items like leather bags, embroidery, floor carpets and even large size granary doors. Although museums normally showcase antiques but most of the items presented in Dar Si Said museum are ancient yet very much in use in the present day Morocco so visiting this museum can introduce you to some daily use items which have beaten the adversities of time.

Dar Si Said Marrakesh Museum - Marrakesh

6. Imlil, Atlas Mountains - Marrakesh

Imlil village and valley is totally in contrast to the hot arid Saharan weather of Morocco. Located in the foot of Atlas Mountains, the place is a perfect getaway in summers. The village of Imlil is treated as base camp for tourists who want to scale the highest peak in Morocco, called Toubkal.Imlil, as village has shaped more into a small town to facilitate the tourist coming here round the year.

the atlas-mountains-morocco

7. Jemaa el-Fnaa - Marrakesh

Jemaa el-Fnaa is the central square of the city of Marrakesh. The square has been in the place for more than 800 years although renovated and redesigned multiple times. Jemaa el-Fnaa is a classic manifestation of the Middle Eastern marketplace where people gossiping around with the sips of Qahwa and storytellers narrating legends while musicians playing folk tunes. Jemaa el-Fnaa is now considered as a cultural space and therefore tourist who want to assimilate in different cultures love to visit Jemaa el-Fnaa.


8. Koutoubia Mosque - Marrakesh

Koutoubia Mosque is the largest mosque in Marrakesh city built in the era of Almohad Caliphate in 12th century. The Mosque is surrounded by gardens and is beautifully constructed with the exterior theme of Sandstone and bricks while the highlight of the mosque is its 77 meter high minaret which also makes Koutoubia Mosque prominent in the whole city. The interior of the mosque is decorated with kofee scripted Quranic inscriptions. People who visit Marrakesh love to visit this historical and religious site.

Koutoubia Mosque In Marrakech

9. Majorelle Garden - Marrakesh

Majorelle Garden is spread across several acres in the city of Marrakesh. The garden was designed by a French architect who designed this whole edifice around the theme of cobalt blue color. The garden is not just a plain garden but possesses a variety of flora and fauna of North Africa. Islamic Art Museum of Marrakesh is also inside the garden. Majorelle Garden is one of the most visited site in Marrakesh city because at one place you are experiencing a whole range of things.

Majorelle Garden - Marrakesh

10. Marrakech souks - Marrakesh

Marrakech souks are the narrow lanes of market where a wide variety of things are available. These souks basically designed in a way that there are several narrow lanes each dedicated to some special commodity and its variants and then the whole preceding lane is stuffed with the same item type. It could be claustrophobic for people who don’t have the idea of souks. The key to enjoy a trip of souks is to get lost in there to make the most of the experience.

Jma el fna souk

11. Menara gardens - Marrakesh

Menara garden is several centuries old landscaped garden in the west of Marrakesh city. The garden is abundant in olive groves. There is a large central pond which is used to irrigate the garden and the pond itself is supplied by 700 year old water supplying system. The Menara gardens are 10 minute drive from the main square of Marrakesh but still got the calm and quite which is best suited for long mediated walks.

Menara gardens - Marrakesh

12. Saadian Tombs - Marrakesh

Dating back to the 16th Century in the city of Marrakesh in Kingdom of Morocco, these tombs are a memoir of the Saadi dynasty. It is their beauty and simplicity that attracts tourists to come to it. Comprising of the graves of Sultan Ahmed al-Mansur of Morocco and his family, these tombs consist of steles made from cedar wood and Italian marble for the tombs and walls. Outside the tombs lies a garden where the soldiers and servants of the Sultan rest in peace.

13. Tizi-n-Test pass - Marrakesh

At a height of 2093 meters from the ground level, this is a small pass that connects the Moroccan cities of Marrakesh and Taroudannt. It is built in the Atlas Mountains and from a plaque in the mountains it is found that it was started to build in 1926. It is a challenging road to take based on its rugged topography. Along the pass lie the Nfiss River and the lands of several old tribes of Morocco including Goundafas and Berber tribes.

Atlas range activities

14. Toubkal National Park - Marrakesh

Lying near the city of Marrakesh, this is a national park for natural conservation. It is located in the center-west of the country and is 70km away from Marrakesh. The park consists of several mountains of Morocco including Mountain Ouanoukrim and Plateau de Tazarhart which are 4089 and 3995 meters high respectively. The standout feature of the park is Mount Toubkal which is the highest mountain in North Africa at a staggering 4167 meters. The park is named after the mountain.


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